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This world is bonkers right now. If you feel stressed out, that makes sense. 
Even when things aren't easy, a healthy nervous system is designed to self-regulate: to heal from injury, recover from illness, regulate moods, form strong connections with others, and be ready for the challenges, joys, and surprises that happen in life.

About Thrive Vibe

Thrive Vibe is a fun, supportive, growth-minded community for people looking to change their relationship to stress and explore habits of an engaged, thriving life. We have your back as you develop your own Thrive Vibe!
In this community:
  • We uplevel our individual and collective resilience through short lessons on nervous system health, movement and attention practices, personal challenges, jokes, and Q&A sessions. 
  • We also discuss health and wellness topics that matter to the tribe, ranging from sleep to relationships, FOMO to job satisfaction, perfectionism to hydration -and everything in between.

When you join the Thrive Vibe Tribe, you align yourself with a group of others who are on a transformational journey of cultivating a healthy, adaptive nervous system.  In this space, we are all letting go of outdated patterns. In doing so, we are addressing the root causes of mental and physical health problems and building our own personal Thrive Vibe.

It's your nervous system! 

The nervous system is the underlying mechanism for physical & mental health and wellness. Influencing its overall functioning is a powerful way to address the underlying cause of many conditions

  • Instead of beating yourself up about unconscious, automatic responses, a different option is to learn how to cultivate a nervous system that does not rely on outdated survival patterns

Join Thrive Vibe to learn a whole new approach to interrupting old patterns in your nervous system. The practices are short, the discussion is lively, and you cannot find this approach in TikTok videos or self-help books. 
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About me:

I'm ColeyHapeman and I approach health and wellness from a movement-based, nervous system perspective. When your nervous system is healthy, it will manage all of the systems of your body and mind with ease, and other issues often resolve themselves. I offer online education and coaching in addition to in-person classes, workshops, or retreats. 

Join the ThriveVibe Community to work at your own pace with other baddies who are sorting through their survival patterns and coming out the other side with a whole new relationship to themselves and stress.

You will be amazed at how learning to work with the biology of your nervous system can transform your life. Small changes added to your routine with curiosity, compassion, and knowledge of the nervous system create momentum and help you shift your relationship to stress, overwhelm, distraction, low motivation, overthinking, and many more. It can also help shift patterns of chronic illness or injuryIf you are ready to let go of old patterns, I am here for it.